News: Pokémon Sun & Moon Z-Moves and New Undiscovered Pokémon

Following the cultural smash success of PokémonGo, the Pokémon Company has released a new batch of information regarding Sun & Moon that is already creating a social media buzz. Among the latest information includes new moves, a real world accessory, a handful of new mechanics and new and updated Pokémon.

The two new handheld games will feature a new battle element called Z-Moves. These Z-moves are so powerful that they can only be used once during battles. To unlock these new battle mechanics, aspiring trainers will need two items: a Z-Crystal and a Z-Ring. These two items work in conjunction between creature and trainer to release these devastating new attacks.

However, it is currently unclear if trainers will be required to purchase TOMY International's real life Z-Ring accessory to gain access to these new abilities or if there will be an in-game equivalent. The real-life Z-Ring toy will light up, vibrate and play sounds in sync with the game, bringing the Pokémon experience closer to reality.

 Concept art & Image for the TOMY International Z-Ring accessory for Pokémon Sun & Moon

Concept art & Image for the TOMY International Z-Ring accessory for Pokémon Sun & Moon

Embracing the new island aesthetic also means a cultural change for the inhabitants and trainers in the Alola region. Each of the islands that make up the region will feature an Island challenge that is not limited to just battling Pokémon. Trainers will also be tasked with fetching items or completing tests of knowledge.

Upon completing the trial, trainers will face a Totem; the Totem is Pokémon enveloped in an aura that is larger and more powerful than others of its kind. In battle, they possess the ability to call allies to aid them, making this a difficult challenge for trainers. The final trial on an island, the trainer will face off against a "Kahuna", essentially a "Elite Four" style boss fight, that will advance players to the next island.

Sun & Moon also features some in-depth lore regarding Pokémon adapted for the Alola Region. Highlights include Oricorio, a bird Pokémon that has for different forms based on the nectar it feeds on. These include the Baile style (Fire/Flying); Pom-Pom Style (Electric/Flying); Pa'u Style (Psychic/Flying); Sensu Style (Ghost/Flying)

In addition to showing off some new island inspired creatures, Pokémon Sun & Moon are embracing their updated look and new region with some island variants of classic Pokémon, that they are calling "regional variants". Regional variants feature an updated appearance and the monsters have had their "type" altered to better reflect their new environments.

Check out the new variants below:

The new 3DS games also feature new game mechanics including Captains (which appear to be gym style leaders), Kahunas (that appear to be Elite Four style leaders) and the Poké Ride which allows trainers to reach areas previous not accessible by humans. Pokémon that are part of the Poké Ride system do not join a trainers team. However, they can be called upon at any time to assist the trainer on their journey.

For more in-depth information check out the trailer below:

Check out the Official Alola Forms and Z-Moves trailer.

Pokémon Sun & Moon are due to hit stores shelves right before the holiday season. So pick up your copy this November 18, 2016 and continue your quest to Catch'em all.

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