Let's Play Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (Bonus Content)

In this episode, we take on Solitaire's challenge and start to do the Advanced Monster Proficiency Test. Monster Synthesis Phantom Fencer + Slime Knight.

In this episode, we finish up the Advanced Monster Proficiency Test and take on Solitaire. Monster Synthesis Jamirus + Headhunter = Demon at Arms Living Statue + Demon at Arms = Malroth Jum + Dingaling = Mum Mum + Spitnik = Living Statue Silvapithecus + ArchDemon = Jamirus Spitnik + Slime = Goodybag Goodybag + Goodybag = Cannibox Mom + Skeleton = Tortured Soul

In this episode, we use the key and open the door in the sewers. Then we begin to pick a fight with Captain Crow.

In this episode, we challenge Captain Crow and end his reign of piracy.

Thank you for joining Pete and the OTG community on this Let's Play Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. Please check back tomorrow for a brand new Let's Play Series!